CATRA increases its developments, machinery and equipment for the field of homeopathy and pharmaceuticals! 24 hours conditioning service throughout Austria (07/17)

The CATRA GmbH is a research and development company in the field of pharmaceutical process and product development. At its headquarter in Salzburg, the custom tailored systems are developed and manufactured. The branch office in Graz provides simulation-based methods for the optimization of products and processes in all areas and for all starting materials (powders, granules and liquid and gaseous substances).

We live and understand the modern homeopathy, which was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. Homeopathy, which follows the basic principles of its founder Hahnemann is called classical homeopathy. The treatment of patients is carried out with soft drugs that are administered in tiny concentrations. Homeopathy is a natural and therefore for the organism easily compatible alternative healing method, with which a variety of diseases can be treated successfully. In order to get a better understanding what homeopathy is about, one must know the homeopathic principles. Based on our knowledge of the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia, our understanding of homeopathy, Schüssler mineral salts, globules,… we are able to develop and adapt our machines and systems accordingly.

CATRA machines and equipment are of the highest Austrian quality and they process a variety of different products for various applications. Our processing methods guarantee best taste and energetically best values. Whether it comes to homeopathic medicines in liquid or powdered state or globules, capsules, tablets or food, we have the right system. Our services range from manually operated small systems up to large fully automated complete line for powder, beads, granules, tablets, capsules, dragees, sweetener, spices, herbs, tea, coffee, blends, granola and cereal, baby food, veterinary medicine and animal feed. Our 24-hour service throughout Austria for service and repair is highly appreciated by our customers. All equipment and plant systems can be manufactured in accordance with GMP. When developing new systems or applications, we work in close cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we are able to realize exceptional, sophisticated solutions.

CATRA Foto 02 Homöopatische Anlage

CATRA developed a machine for the production of homeopathic high potencies (05/16)

CATRA has developed a machine for the production of homeopathic high potencies, completed construction and successfully put into operation. The requirements for such a potentizing machine „Potenziermaschine“ “are very complex. The system must ensure process reliability and run fully automatically 24 hours a day. In addition, the production of reliable and at the same time powerfully acting Korsakoff Potencies requires (single flask method for machine production of homeopathic potencies) a high consistency of stroke intensity and dilution ratio. The plant is operated by a PLC control, which monitors the production process and simultaneously documents the potentizing.

Potentizing machines were always used for the manufacture of drugs that could not be produced by hand due to their high dilution; it represents a subsidiary establishment of manual potentizing. In order to use a machine for the production of homeopathic potencies, it is essential to use the single flask method by Korsakoff. The change of bottles after each stage may be a technically very complicated and expensive process.

Small tolerances - big impact

The question of the proper name for high potencies produced by machine has been repeatedly discussed, but not their efficacy in therapy. Mathematically, the result of a dilution of a Korsakoff potentiation compared to the Hahnemann multiple flask method is identical, unless one assumes that 1/100 of drug solution adheres to the glass wall. In practice, however, small tolerances in the machine settings have a major impact on the degree of dilution of the drug. All discontinuously potentiating machines that apply the Korsakoff potentiation are often equated in terms of accuracy to the multiple flask method.

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CATRA attends the AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies International User Conference 2015 in Graz (06/15)

AVL 's global conference and exhibition on "Advanced Simulation Technologies" will be held from 23rd to 25th June 2015, Graz exhibition center. Our GM Georg Scharrer will also give a talk on the subject.

“Enhancements of a high-performance CFD-DEM coupled code towards heat and mass transfer in pharmaceutical application”

The AVL AST User Conference consists of an ideal balance between customer presentations, a mutual exchange of practical experiences with AVL's Advanced Simulation Technologies simulation and analysis software and the latest information about current simulation software developments.



10th Anniversary Human.technology.Styria (10/14)

The Styrian Human Technology Cluster was founded in Graz 10 years ago. There are currently about 130 companies which generate an annual turnover of about 2,9 billion Euros with roughly 14.800 employees. Meanwhile the industry has developed to one of the three main supporters of Styrian economic policy.

The Styrian Landesrat for Economics Dr. Christian Buchmann is accordingly pleased about the development of the Cluster. The human technology is a particular strength of Styrian economy and has developed dynamically during the last few years. The companies whose products are globally very successful have generated thousands of new jobs. Since its foundation 10 years ago, the Human technology Cluster has made a major contribution to a positive development by providing numerous services, raising awareness and supporting the company’s expansion into new markets. Therefore, the cluster will continuously play a crucial role for the development of the industry and Styria as attractive business location“.

CATRA was introduced as new Cluster member.


6th International Congress for Pharmaceutical Engineering (IKSE) (06/14)

CATRA participates in the 6th International Congress for Pharmaceutical Engineering (IKSE) from 16th – 17th June 2014 in Graz. On this occasion, we are going to present CATRA’s portfolio. This Pharmaceutical Engineering Congress represents the perfect event for us to exchange scientific information. Young as well as already established scientist from all over Europe take the opportunity to present their work in numerous meetings and poster presentations. They share new scientific findings and talk with colleagues about related issues.

Our topics will be: Health Care Engineering, Pharmaceutical Modelling & Simulation


Official opening of the CATRA office in Graz June 2014 (06/14)

Both companies will equally benefit from each other. While the RCPE will support CATRA throughout the start-up phase mainly in networking activities, the establishment in Graz, as well as provide personnel support, CATRA will be able to make contributions in the field of machine engineering, its expertise in Coaching and Training as well as assistance in applying for funds. Furthermore both parties will benefit from the exchange of know-how and finally also from the transfer of services in the areas of research and production.

Bunte Chemie

Participation in the largest European Pharmaceutical Conference „Production & Technology“ Düsseldorf (03/14)

Over the years the Pharma Congress „Production & Technology“ has become known as the get-together of the industry and is also appreciated as international forum even beyond Germany. Focus of this high level congress is on the slogan “Users report for Users”: Companies from the pharmaceutical industry present their case studies for experienced delegates who learn how projects were realised in everyday practice and discuss current industry trends. This conference is accompanied by the biggest trade fair “PharmaTechnica”. Congress delegates and visitors of the exhibition benefit from intensive mutual exchange of experience and discussions and take home a lot of new ideas and input. There we will present ourselves as implementation –oriented research partner of the Technical University Graz.


New R&D Partnership with the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH in Graz (12/13)

In December 2013 we agreed upon a scientific partnership with Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) at TU-Graz. This co-operation will not only strengthen our office in Graz, but also our research activities in the field of pharmacy. With the help of the extensive network of the RCPE many interesting cooperations with national and international research centers will arise.

Mag. DI Dr. Thomas KLEIN (RCPE- CEO) and CATRA CEO Prof. DI Karl GRUBER (from left to right)